Survey Shows Consumers Care About Theft, But Leave Vehicles Highly Vulnerable

A recent LoJack survey conducted amongst more than 4,500 consumers in four different U.S. cities in April and May 2012 showed that most people (79%) think about vehicle theft occasionally or even often; but 36% actually don’t take any measures to protect their vehicles! Moreover, bad habits such as leaving a running vehicle unattended (45%) or parking a car and leaving it unlocked (23%) make vehicles highly vulnerable to today’s clever and opportunistic professional thieves.

There is also a growing link between car theft and identity theft. Thieves can not only drive away with your vehicle, but your identity as well when documents containing personal information such as a vehicle registration or even bills are left in your car. In fact, 32% of respondents admitted to having left an electronic device or documents with personal information in plain view, leaving them vulnerable to identity theft. A full 64% of consumers acknowledged having their home address programmed into their GPS systems, enabling thieves the opportunity to drive right to their home, enter through the garage door, and potentially burglarize it.

About the Survey

The LoJack intercept survey was conducted in Boston, San Diego, Miami and Las Vegas between April 30 and May 27, 2012. Individuals were asked one of four questions over a four day period in each city.