Motorcycle theft is big business for professional thieves. The ever-growing popularity of motorcycle riding translates into a huge opportunity for thieves. While some steal motorcycles simply for their own personal use or to take a quick joy ride, most bike theft is done at the hands of professional thieves who know exactly what’s in demand. These thieves are skilled at maximizing the "return" they get on the bike...and at covering their tracks.

Here’s how these "professionals" work. Thieves strip the bike down for parts (eliminating identification numbers so they can’t be traced back to the original owner), and then resell the remaining parts or reuse them to build other bikes. They often build very pricey custom bikes from stolen and aftermarket parts, and then sell them to unsuspecting buyers. They may also sell stolen bikes whole, typically with altered identification numbers, making them just about impossible to trace back to the original owners. Some are in the "exporting" business, in which they sell parts overseas. Unfortunately, many of these professional criminals excel at their job and can find a way to steal just about any bike they want. By the way, the more lavish the bike, the more thieves want to make it their own.

As bad as it is to have your motorcycle stolen, sometimes that’s just one piece of the criminal equation. Many times, the profits from bike thefts aid in continuing other criminal activities, such as funding drug rings. The bottom line is that these crooks are bad news and need to be put out of business.