Fleet operators can dramatically improve performance by tracking and monitoring their vehicles and assets and communicating directly with their mobile workforce in the field. FleetOutlook® is a fleet management solution that combines a robust management application with an in-vehicle GPS device and communications -  delivering real-time visibility of mobile and fixed assets and resulting in improved productivity and increased communication.
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GPS Tracking and More

In vehicle telematics, knowing the location of your fleet can help your organization improve productivity while saving money, increasing customer satisfaction and improving driver safety.  It allows owners and managers to gain better control through trend analysis and from parameter alerts, which can then be used to adapt operations.

FleetOutlook is customizable. The solution will adapt to fit your business needs:
Government and public service fleets
  • Corporate executive fleets, such as:   
            o   Limos             
            o   Vans
  • Commercial service fleets, such as:
          o HVAC
          o Electricians/plumbers
          o Landscapers
          o Delivery/courier

– just to name just a few.  

Advanced Fleet Management

FleetOutlook can provide business intelligence that helps fleet managers achieve a wide range of operational efficiencies  – maximizing fuel economy, minimizing driver/labor costs, extending fleet vehicle life cycle, improving customer service, and ultimately, boosting your business’ productivity and profitability. And you have the ability to manage mixed fleets – vehicles, equipment and other assets.

On-Time Arrivals Improve Dispatching And Customer Happiness
Easily locate your vehicles and dispatch the closest driver to a jobsite. You will also be able to provide customers with accurate ETAs to keep them informed of arrival times. Gain a competitive advantage by offering your customers smaller service windows.
Reduce Fuel Costs
Optimize your routes by efficiently scheduling your team. Push the day’s routes to the in-vehicle GPS to reduce drive times and number of lost instances. All of this can add up to reduce fuel costs.  
Improve Driver Safety While Controlling Vehicle Maintenance Costs
Use Active Driver Feedback to prompt your drivers to stay safe and fuel efficient behind the wheel. Better driving could save you money with fewer service appointments. 
Setup Alerts For “Exception” Events
Receive real-time notification of unauthorized use, such as after-hours ignition start, and respond to a theft immediately upon receiving an alert if your vehicle leaves a pre-set area. The LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery upgrade option (available in certain areas) uses Radio Frequency technology to help police track stolen vehicles in places where other technologies may not work. 
Manage On The Go!
Manage your fleet from your iPhone or Android or tablet. The MobileView app lets you stay in touch with your fleet – including viewing their location on a map. 


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