Through a successful, collaborative relationship with law enforcement agencies around the country, and in Canada and Italy, LoJack is the only provider of stolen vehicle recovery systems that is directly integrated with law enforcement.

LoJack uses a proven and proprietary technology operating on a Radio Frequency allocated by the FCC for the recovery of stolen vehicles. When a vehicle equipped with a LoJack® system is stolen, the first step is to have vehicle’s owner alert local law enforcement. Once officers record the theft in the national stolen vehicle database, a silent signal is automatically sent out that activates the LoJack® system's transceiver hidden in the stolen vehicle.* Law enforcement may then track the vehicle using Police Tracking Computers that are provided by LoJack at no cost to law enforcement agencies, that are installed in law enforcement vehicles, helicopters and planes and are used by law enforcement to find and recover the vehicle, often apprehending the thieves and recovering additional stolen vehicles in the process.

*LoJack unit activation is contingent on vehicle being located within LoJack's coverage area that spans counties across 29 states in the U.S and the District of Columbia.You may find LoJack’s coverage areas at or by calling 1-800-4-LoJack. 

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