Detector Leads to Multiple Arrests of Armed Home Robbers

In January of 2012, a Tarragona, Spain household was broken into by five people who were identified as being of Romanian descent. The resident was home at the time and attempted to resist the thieves. However, the home-owner was threatened and even physically beaten as valuables were being stolen out of his safe. The items that were reported missing included golden watches, cell phones, credit cards, 6,000 Euros, as well as a Van Gogh picture.

 After about 45 minutes of raiding the residence, the thieves fled the scene in the home owner’s BMW X3. Luckily, the vehicle was equipped with Detector and, therefore, was able to be tracked. Sometime later, the car was recovered in the inside of a warehouse in Castellon, Spain. Vehicle parts that were already being scrapped as well as fire arms were found at the scene. Two people were arrested in connection with the crime and the National Police of Castellon took over the investigation.


Stolen Yamaha Leads to Recovery of 4 Other Stolen Motorbikes

One June evening in Clichy, France, the owner of a Yamaha X-Max unfortunately realized that his motorbike had gone missing. Luckily, the two-wheeler had been equipped with the Tracker Rider system and the Yamaha was initially located in Romainville, France. After police further monitored the situation, the owner was notified about 24 hours later that the signals from the Tracker Rider indicated a change in the motorcycle's position. In the city of Montreuil, France, the presence of the Yamaha was identified via camera surveillance. Authorities moved in on the scene and recovered the X-Max along with three Yamaha Majestics as well as a BMW 1100, all of which had been reported as stolen. The Yamaha X-Max was successfully returned to its rightful owner.


Fleet Management Owned Vehicle Recovered, Suspects Arrested

In the early hours of one morning, the Security Central of a fleet management company received an alarm signal from the Boomerang device installed in a 2007 Ford F350. The fleet manager was notified, but he informed authorities that the vehicle was safe at the driver’s residence. However, agents continued to investigate because the Boomerang system identified the vehicle as being far from that address. A few minutes later, the fleet manager called back and revealed the driver’s mistake and that indeed the Ford had been stolen. In less than an hour, the tracking team arrived at the vehicle’s location and, while waiting for police, they noticed two suspects coming back for the truck. The police were advised and then arrested the suspects.


Recovery of Several Luxury Cars Being Shipped Across Borders

It is truly a testament to the effectiveness of LoJack’s RF (Radio-Frequency) technology when recoveries can be made across international borders. In this particular case, four luxury cars, including a limited edition Mercedes AMG SLS 6300, were reported as stolen in Spain. Luckily enough, two of these vehicles were Ferraris that had been installed with the LoJack® System. The signal coming from the cars was intercepted off the coast of Naples, Italy in two containers aboard a ship. The Police of Maritime Border in Campania were alerted regarding the stolen vehicles and were able to identify the name of the ship. Authorities waited for the ship to port in Naples and then inspected the containers loaded in the cargo area. After a thorough search, several agents found the four stolen vehicles that were eventually bound to be transported to Japan. Thankfully, the partnership between LoJack Corporation and the Italian State Police prevented that from happening.


Multiple Stolen Vehicles Recovered While Owners Were on Vacation, Value of Recovery Nearly £100,000

A BMW X5 was reported stolen overnight from an area in Edgbaston, England.  Luckily, it was equipped with a TRACKER device and, upon activation, the West Midlands Police began their search.  While the investigation of the missing BMW was ongoing, a report of three other stolen vehicles from an address in Olton, England, came in. Two of these vehicles were also fitted with TRACKER devices. The owners of these vehicles—a Range Rover Sport, a Mercedes ML 350 Sport and a Nissan Micra—happened to be on vacation. Thankfully, a neighbor alerted the police to the fact that their residence had been broken into and the cars had been stolen. In less than 4 hours, the police had located the BMW X5 as well as the three other vehicles in Tyseley, England. The stolen vehicles that were recovered thanks to the TRACKER system were worth nearly £100,000.   


Stolen Machinery Bound for West Africa Recovered Thanks to TRACKER

Police in southeast London were notified of a theft of a stolen Putzmeister Screed Pump from a site in Bermondsey, England. Fortunately, the owner had equipped the screed pump with a TRACKER system which was immediately activated after authorities were notified. Police used the device's signal to trace the stolen machinery to a shipping container at the Tilbury Docks in Essex. Working with the assistance of staff at the Docks, officers from the Tilbury Port Police seized the container and found the stolen pump along with two other stolen compressors. The compressors were not fit with any tracking systems and further investigation led to the finding that all of the stolen goods were bound for West Africa. The value of all the stolen plant machinery was £50,000 and the recovery would not have been possible without the TRACKER system.



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