The LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System with Early Warning alerts you via phone, e-mail or text message if your bike is driven without the presence of the Early Warning Key Pass. This enables you to get a head start on reporting the theft to police and initiating the activation and recovery process.*

LoJack is no longer actively selling the LoJack® System for motorcycles.  We still maintain the infrastructure to enable activation and recovery of motorcycles equipped with the LoJack System after they are reported stolen to Law Enforcement.

We are currently re-evaluating the motorcycle market and may re-enter it at a later date.  If you would like to sign-up to receive information or updates on the status of a new LoJack System for motorcycles, please visit this page on Motorcycle Information.


* Please consult the LoJack Owner’s Manual for details regarding the timing and circumstances of the Early Warning notification.


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